What do you LOVE about teaching?

What a perfect day to begin my blogging for 2013.  A day focussed entirely on love!  What if we focused on love in our education system?  What if our schools became places where love was at the heart of learning, where the love of learning was nurtured by honouring the values of the students and teachers, by encouraging children and young people to listen to their hearts and be inspired to learn because it filled their hearts with joy and passion!


So today let’s start with the most valuable resource in education – you!  What do you love about teaching?  What is it that you love about being in the classroom?  Do you love that every day always offers something new?  Do you love the energy and creativity of your students?  Do you love working in a learning community?  Or do you love knowing that you are making a profound difference to a young person’s life?


Do you love the unexpected?  How wonderful is it that no matter how well planned your lesson is, something unexpected often shows up!  Do you love when lessons go off plan and the most amazing creativity unfolds or students that don’t usually share begin to contribute?


I love it when students that are unaware of their light begin to recognise what they have to offer and begin shining in class.  What a gift you give when you light the way so that they in turn can shine.  What a gift for you to be part of their journey and to witness their blossoming and in some case their complete transformation!  It still gives me goose bumps remembering students that have been labelled “trouble” or whose behaviour has been far from exemplary, that turn over a new leaf or simply say thank you before they leave the class.  How many people can say they impact young people in a profound way – every day!


I love the magic of teaching.  The creative unpredictability is magnificent!  When we as teachers loosen the reign (a risky business I know!) students often surpass our expectations.  Shoot for the moon you say and they jettison off into the next stratosphere!   This unpredictability can generate stress if our attitude towards it is not centred.  However if you are confident in your subject, teaching environment & classroom management, you will thrive on the unpredictable nature of teaching and on the responses from your students.


Now I know this all sounds rather gushing – well it’s meant to.  It’s Valentine’s Day after all.  If I can’t go all gooey eyed over my love for teaching today, when can I?  I appreciate there are a hundred and one things that you could moan about (least of all those teacher training billboards on the tube at the moment!), but come on let’s admit focussing on the fun, the laughter and the joy teaching brings – now doesn’t that make you feel better?


What if you were to spend five minutes out of your crazy busy frenetic day to write your love list?  Okay – too busy to spend 5 minutes, why not spend one minute!  See how many things you can list that make your heart sing about being a teacher.  Let me start you off…


What I love about teaching…

I love bouncing ideas around with my students

I love learning from my students and colleagues

I love celebrating little wins with my education family – “You will never believe it.  Jake actually made it through registration today without leaving his seat!”

I love inspiring my students to produce amazing work

I love having a laugh with my students inside and outside lessons

I love telling bad jokes and hearing them groan!

I love, love, love starting a new topic and sharing my enthusiasm

I love praising my students and seeing their faces light up with pride…..


You know what to do!  Go on, shift your focus and feed your heart with what you love about your amazing job. What works and what makes your heart sing in the classroom?  If you focus on the “Bright Spots” as coined by Chip & Dan Heath authors of Switch – you will empower yourself and those around you.


Let me know what you love about teaching.  Let’s share the love!