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Jason Harrison, Head of Marketing, TSN shares information about how teachers can get support 24/7.

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England 08000 562 561
Wales 08000 855 088

Jason Harrison, Teacher Support Network (TSN)

Kathryn with Jason Harrison from the TSN
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Kathryn: Hi, welcome, this is another golden nugget opportunity for me and for you. I have the lovely Jason Harrison with me; he is the media head of the Teacher Support Network. He’s in charge of all sorts of magical things, and I’m very excited that I’m working in partnership with the Teacher Support Network; and of course, my book, “Every Teacher Matters,” donates the proceeds of that book to this wonderful charity. So, I thought whilst I had this fantastic meeting with Jason, I would ask him to give us a few words. Some encouraging words about the Teacher Support Network, and what it can offer you if you are in a place that you need support. Over to you, Jason.
Jason: Well that’s exactly it, really; we’re a charity helping teachers. So if you need practical or emotional advice – We’re easy to talk to.  We’re a 24/7 charity, so just call our phone number 08000 562 561 in England, 08000 855 088 in Wales, and you can get coaching, counseling, money advice, sign posting on information 24/7, so it’s just there for all the teachers.
Kathryn: That’s absolutely fantastic. What sort of people will ring you with what sort of issues?
Jason: We’ll get about, up to 10,000 calls a year from teachers and they range from training teachers to NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) to retiring teachers, retired teachers, disabled teachers; any teacher you can imagine call us. What we’ve realized is actually most people are calling us about their personal lives than their working lives, though this will be impacting their work lives as well.
Kathryn: For sure. Brilliant. Well, what I’ll do, is I will put all those details and the telephone numbers at the bottom of this blog so that you can connect with them, and I’ll do a little link as well so that you can go straight to the TSN website ( And remember, it’s really important to get the help; it’s available for you. And the first time I met Jason, I said, “If only I’d known about the TSN when I was first teaching. Maybe I wouldn’t have got to the state that I got into.” So no matter what it is, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, financial, you can actually connect with someone that can support you through the TSN. So, it’s all good news. Have a great day. I hope you enjoyed our golden nugget for today.

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