The Education Debates Begin!

Radio 4 The Education Debates Begin!

What do you think school is for?

What do you believe should be taught in schools?

Last night respected speakers on Education came together to debate what school is fundamentally for.  It was a superb evening of conflicting opinions about what is important for a child. Views varied – academia vs vocational; age dependent academic choices, parental influence and values were all explored.

I feel very strongly that school is a place for learning – but not to learn for learning sake, but to love to learn; to be inspired to learn, to want to learn and to understand the value of learning.  And of course I believe no-one child can do this if they are not in THE RIGHT STATE for learning!  It is imperative that WELL-BEING is at the forefront of education, so that young people understand their innate value regardless of whether they are academic or not.

Self esteem, self worth, confidence and emotional resilience are fundamental in a child’s ability to access learning.  Their ability to FLOURISH in the 21st Century is dependent not on whether they have 16 GCSE’s but rather that they have the emotional and mental capabilities to handle life what ever the challenge they are faced with.   Without these human being skills, they are less likely to grow into responsible, kind adults that contribute to our society.

What do you think?