Thank you…March has been a particularly magical month!

What a month it has been sooooo far.   Spring is now here…if we ignore the snow and just focus on the longer days we might believe it!
APCTC Awards Dinner - with Liz Walker, Claire Gaudry & Kathryn Lovewell
A big shout out of thanks to everyone who voted for Kathryn Lovewell in the recent APCTC awards – as you know she was a finalists in TWO categories – Humanitarian and New Comer/Mover & Shaker.  Whilst she did not take either trophy home on the the night we all had a super fun evening and got to raise the profile of teachers just that little bit more!  Here we are with the lovely Claire Gaudry in the middle – finalist in the category of Special Coach (she does groovy Brain Brilliance training).

Also thank you to those of you who bought a copy of Every Teacher Matters for themselves, a friend, a family member or a colleague.  Maybe all of the above?  I was speaking to a chap at the awards ceremony and he bought two books and gave them into his local school.  Super cool!  You never know just who you may bump into.

Some of our teachers are already on holiday…for those of you who start at the end of the month – Enjoy the Easter break.

We’ll be at the NUT Conference over Easter supporting the awesome Teacher Support Network (TSN) team.  Kathryn will be providing a well-being fringe event on Saturday.  Be sure to come and say hi…and join us for the lunchtime event.

Keep connecting and bigging it up for Teachers everywhere.

Liz x