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Changing Structures…Video Blog

  Watch the video or read the transcipt… We are living in a fast-food era, and I don’t know about you, but I find that I’m constantly feeling pushed for time. And this, obviously, can generate an enormous amount of stress. Gotta get the kids to school, gotta meet the deadlines, gotta make sure that .. read more

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The Education Debates Begin!

What do you think school is for? What do you believe should be taught in schools? Last night respected speakers on Education came together to debate what school is fundamentally for.  It was a superb evening of conflicting opinions about what is important for a child. Views varied Рacademia vs vocational; age dependent academic .. read more

Teachers must ‘parent’ failing pupils

The Independent reported today that “Heads and teachers in the country’s most disadvantaged schools should be “surrogate parents” so their pupils spend less time on difficult estates and with unsupportive parents, chief schools inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said yesterday.” According to Felicia Huppert, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge¬† “In .. read more