Thank you…March has been a particularly magical month!

What a month it has been sooooo far.   Spring is now here…if we ignore the snow and just focus on the longer days we might believe it! A big shout out of thanks to everyone who voted for Kathryn Lovewell in the recent APCTC awards – as you know she was a finalists in TWO .. read more

The Teacher Support Network (TSN) – Video Blog

Jason Harrison, Head of Marketing, TSN shares information about how teachers can get support 24/7. Go to www.teachersupport.info Tweet @teachersupport England 08000 562 561 Wales 08000 855 088  Watch the video or read the transcipt… Kathryn: Hi, welcome, this is another golden nugget opportunity for me and for you. I have the lovely Jason Harrison .. read more

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