Thank you…March has been a particularly magical month!

What a month it has been sooooo far.   Spring is now here…if we ignore the snow and just focus on the longer days we might believe it! A big shout out of thanks to everyone who voted for Kathryn Lovewell in the recent APCTC awards – as you know she was a finalists in TWO .. read more

What do you LOVE about teaching?

What a perfect day to begin my blogging for 2013.  A day focussed entirely on love!  What if we focused on love in our education system?  What if our schools became places where love was at the heart of learning, where the love of learning was nurtured by honouring the values of the students and .. read more

The Teacher Support Network (TSN) – Video Blog

Jason Harrison, Head of Marketing, TSN shares information about how teachers can get support 24/7. Go to www.teachersupport.info Tweet @teachersupport England 08000 562 561 Wales 08000 855 088  Watch the video or read the transcipt… Kathryn: Hi, welcome, this is another golden nugget opportunity for me and for you. I have the lovely Jason Harrison .. read more

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Teachers step into the Digital Age – Steve Wheeler’s 7 Reasons teachers should Blog!

I  consider myself a novice blogger.  In fact a blogger with stabilizers and an L plate!  I am not naturally a technical whizz, however I am learning (with the help of my kids) that I can embrace new ways to connect and communicate.  I am beginning to appreciate the true value of blogging – for .. read more

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End of Term Tension

By the end of term exhaustion levels are so high, that tempers tend to flare and tolerance levels are low – on the part of students as well as the teachers.  I was supporting a group of teachers in a specialist autism school yesterday where the school is undergoing radical restructuring.  Not only are the .. read more