Success Stories

What our teachers are saying…

I wanted to say a big personal thank you for the fantastic week you provided at William Cobbett. You were so easy to work with and as you know when people are busy, they really appreciate it…. I was so pleased to have positive feedback from the staff… they said to me it was great to have training which gave them pause for thought without pressure of paperwork and/or the need to write an action plan or set targets! Only teachers seem to know how valuable this is!

The workshop allowed us time to think and express ourselves.It was lovely to see children “Still” and “thoughtful” and to see value in this.

The workshop endorsed the key message that it is okay to feel any emotion – as long as we can deal and cope appropriately.

Tracy West, Head of PSHE, Feeling Good Week Initiative

It has taught me ways to help myself and the children.

AB, Year 5 Teacher

We can use it (the techniques learnt today) as another strategy to help behaviour and to cope better in class.  Good resource to establish a calm and relaxed classroom.

EC, Year 4 Teacher

The breathing and relaxation will really help to settle and focus children before activities.

CA, Year 5 Teacher

The tools and techniques are a really useful way I can help them (the children) prepare for challenges and changes in their lives. It’s something completely different and original.

HM, Year 6 Teacher

The tools and techniques could be utilised at the beginning and especially in the Plenary to make sure they (the students) arrive at the next lesson in a calm manner.

AH, Year 10 Teacher

Great differentiation. The breathing and visualisation techniques are something they can use within a classroom setting to help calm them so they can access their work. I have learnt so much. Will use techniques within school and at home.

MC, KS3 Assisting Learning Manager

Excellent for all learning styles. All students can use their internal resources and reach their full potential. Invaluable! All students (year 7) engaged and participated, showed great determination to enhance their learning and well being. Opened a new area of awareness and acceptance – excellent techniques and transferable strategies.

SJ, KS3 Assisting Learning Manager

An interactive, non threatening session which explored all areas of personal development which are too often marginalised.

TW, Head of PSHE, Year 5 Teacher

Short techniques that can be done during ‘carpet times’ are especially useful. I could utilise the tools and techniques to calm, refocus and help the children to concentrate during lessons. It was excellent – lots of ideas to use in class! Thank you!

HCJ, Year 2 Teacher

Reminded me to take time to relax and reflect on what I should be doing to get more of a balance to life style. I will even try some (techniques) in a whole school assembly. Thank you Kathryn. A really motivational session.

NP, Infant School Head Teacher

Insideout techniques can benefit my students by accessing their emotions and being able to deal with them. Being able to control what they are feeling inside and/or understand it.

NG, Primary Head Teacher

Insideout techniques can benefit my students to free themselves from outside worries – ideal way to begin a session. I look forward to attempting the techniques I’ve experienced.

GWS, Year 11 Teacher

Insideout techniques have helped me by reminding me how to relax and will benefit my students to help them to relax and focus.

AHC, Primary Head Teacher

I will use Insideout techniques in class to help my students relax.

NW, Primary Behaviour Support


Insideout techniques benefit my students destress as when kids are stressed they find it harder to learn.

LF, Deputy Head Teacher


Insideout techniques can definitely benefit my students through body awareness, stillness, calm, serenity. I think it would be great to integrate as a whole school approach.

HM, Work Related Learning


Lovely to participate in a calm, thought provoking workshop

ZJ, Year 3 Teacher

It has opened my mind to looking after myself and preparing children for learning. Insightful and energetic.

GB, Year 1 NQT


I feel so much calmer. So creative. Very effective and beneficial.

HM, Year 1 NQT


It has re-energised me and helped me to relax. It has shown me how much I can impact my class’s mood. It has been a great change to learn about body and mind and how to control it.

SG, Year 2 NQT