Start the day with something that serves you!

Good morning!

As teachers our mindset first thing in the morning is usually focused on what needs to be done, what should have been done yesterday and what must be done before the first bell.  Today I invite you to hold those thoughts until AFTER you’ve thought of yourself first!

This may take a little time to cultivate, but start by brainstorming (or thought-showering if you prefer) what activities will serve you first thing in the morning BEFORE school.  What do you love to do to wake yourself up and help you feel great?

I absolutely love to swim.  My big treat is to clamber out of bed with the larks and have an early morning swim in the great outdoors.  There is something magical about swimming in the open air – no matter what the weather.  Today I’ve been blessed with blue skies and sunshine – a rare treat this summer!  However, I am equally invigorated when swimming in the rain and when there is snow on the ground!

Now I know what you’re going to say – “I don’t have time to go my my local pool, have a swim, get ready, have breakfast and be at school for 7.30am!”  I appreciaate my favourite choice may not be logistically possible, however it might if you get organised and prioritise your health and well-being.  And if swimming isn’t your thing, what is?

Take a moment to reflect on not only what you love, but what makes you feel alive; makes you feel good about yourself and helps support your mind and body for the challenges ahead.  Meditation, yoga, oxycise, a brisk walk round the block whilst listening to an inspirational talking book….  The list is endless.  It doesn’t need to be onerous, just enjoyable and rewarding (even just a little bit will make a massive difference to your teaching over time – especially nearing the end of term).

My top tip for today is to move your body!  It will improve your health and clear your mind. Go on, treat yourself!  You’re worth it!

Kathryn x