Staff Wellbeing

“I’ve been using lots of the strategies to help me relax and come back to what’s important.”

Understand the importance of staff wellbeing.   Exploring how to balance your teaching and home life, so that you have a life!  Addressing the symptoms of stress and how to alleviate stressors in your day.  Finding fresh new approaches to taking care of yourself.  Giving you practical guidance on what to address first and how to make healthy changes appropriately.   Providing hands-on methods to deeply relax, let go and give yourself permission to put yourself first in order to improve and sustain your teaching, health and wellbeing.

Your Benefits

You will feel happier!  You will feel like someone has removed your straight jacket and given you wings!  You will give yourself permission to take your life back!  You will recognise the huge benefits of having fun and being rested.  You will embrace a new approach to taking care of yourself so that you feel fitter, healthier, energised and relaxed.  You will make more time for yourself, your loved ones and more patience with your family.  Your tolerance levels will increase when dealing with colleagues and students!  You will feel calmer as your work-life balance realigns.  You will recognise your value and pay attention to your needs.  You will feel more in balance, physically, mentally and emotionally.

This programme is offered at a foundation level, perfect for INSET (Twilight, Half Day and Full Day) and also as regular programmes in schools where the valuable techniques are developed and honed.

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