Head Space for Heads

“It’s been a really valuable experience indeed.  I’ve got some fantastic techniques I can take back.”

Uncover your stressors and your strategies to manage stress!  Learn a new, healthy wholesome formula to balance your needs with the needs of your school community. Uncover the importance of self care – providing powerful strategies to create mental and emotional space for School Leaders.  Giving a practical experience of easy to implement techniques throughout your working day. Demonstrating ways in which you can support yourself as a leader and impart these practical skills to your staff through leading by example. Creating a platform to generate self resourcing strategies to sustain effective leadership.


Your Benefits

You will be able to close your door – guilt free!  You will be able to set clearer boundaries for yourself and thereby create an opening for your SLT and your staff to do the same for their own health and well being.  This will inevitably lead to healthier working relationships and cleaner communication with your colleagues.  You will have a more balanced perspective on your leadership role and the responsibilities you hold.  You will lead by example, giving staff permission to improve their work-life balance.  Your performance will advance, your temperament will improve and your attitude will be optimistic.  You create the climate in your school.  As you bring sunshine into your learning community, it will inevitably impact your staff and your students for the better!

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