Getting in The Right State for Teaching

“I’m going to bring my ray of sunshine into the classroom.”

Providing practical strategies to ensure you are fit for purpose!  Ensuring you are able to manage the challenges of teaching and the emotional and behavioural needs of your students.  Providing practical techniques to ensure you are calm and confident to deal with the ever-changing demands in the classroom.  Demonstrating the fundamental importance of being relaxed and happy in the classroom and the impact you have if you are not in the right state.  Sharing straightforward ways to remain calm, in charge and to sustain your equilibrium, even when under pressure.

Your Benefits

You will feel more socially and emotionally equipped for teaching.  Your classroom management will take on a fresh flavour of tranquility and precision.  You will feel empowered and emotionally resilient when faced with unexpected incidents.  Your energy levels will increase, your attitude will be more positive and your communication clearer.  You will feel poised and present in the classroom.  You will have an air of calm and contentment that your students will be drawn to.  You will generate a happy and healthy learning environment that you love!

This programme is offered at a foundation level, perfect for INSET (Twilight, Half Day and Full Day) and also as regular programmes in schools where these valuable techniques are developed and honed in-house.

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