Getting in The Right State for Learning

“It really helped me reflect on how I can impact on the kids and their learning.”

Helping YOU help your children learn more easily by being fully present in the classroom.  Training you in new ways to help your students concentrate, listen & focus.  Giving you fresh practical strategies to help your children cope with the fidgets or being easily distracted and giving you both the tools to deal with nervous/hyperactive energy.  Giving you practical methods to help your children manage their moods during learning.  This will enable them to cope with feeling hopeless or discouraged when they do not understanding something and to feel confident and empowered to ask questions.  You will learn ways to thread these easy to learn techniques throughout your lessons – building confidence & self regulating skills for school and for life. Give them a positive outlook on learning so they can enjoy their education.

Your Benefits

You and your children will have a “special” language in which to communicate.  You will feel empowered to create healthy boundaries so that your children feel safe to learn.  Feelings can be shared healthily and you will be able to develop great new approaches to learn together.  You will all feel so much happier to be in the classroom because everyone will know that you have magic ways to guide them back to the present moment – “now” – so that they can feel happy, calm, relaxed.  They will feel great about themselves and about their learning.

This programme is offered at a foundation level, perfect for INSET (Twilight, Half Day and Full Day) and also as regular programmes in schools where the valuable techniques are developed and honed.

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