Every Teacher Matters

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“Kathryn Lovewell’s book has such a powerful role to play. If every child matters, then it must follow as night follows day that every teacher matters.”

Felicia A Huppert, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge

Every Teacher Matters - Kathryn Lovewell - Buy the book at AmazonTeachers are the most valuable resource in Education. Why is it that so little investment is made to supporting teachers to ensure they can sustain effective teaching and learning in the classroom?

What if we were to invest time and energy back into the core of education, the teachers? What if we were to publicly express how valuable teachers really are? What if we lived in a society that made emotional health and wellbeing in the workplace a priority? What if we lived in a world where emotional intelligence was prioritised over any other subject so that learning could be accessed more easily and effortlessly?

Every Teacher Matters, published on 18 September 2012 – is available in paper book and also as an eBook.


“This is such an inspirational book which is a must-read for all teachers to give you practical tools to look after your emotional, physical and mental health”

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health and author of ‘Fat around the Middle’.

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