Heirarchy of Values impact Learning

This is an exert from Dr John Demartini author of The Breakthrough Experience.  His knowledge and wisdom is inspirational.  He describes how VALUES  impact demeanour, mindset and behaviour. 

John states “if you believe that your values are more important than the other person’s, you will become self-righteous and will begin to think that you have more to offer than them. You will tend to talk down to them, carelessly, because you care less about their values than your own. You will think you are right, because you value your own highest values more than theirs and think your values are right! And so you will expect them to live in your highest values and not their own. However, they won’t do it! They will do what every human being does: make decisions according to their own highest values. The instant you project your unrealistic expectations onto them, you will probably begin to feel betrayed by how they are failing to meet those expectations. Yet the other person never actually betrayed you. You betrayed yourself by expecting another person to live according to your highest values. Unrealistic expectations result in anger and frustration.”

Can you imagine if every teacher understood this premise?  How differently would teachers approach their subjects and how they communicate the value of learning them to their students.  There would be a great deal less resistance to specific learning if each student could appreciate the value it may provide in their life, to their unique hierarchy of values.

Let’s work towards approaching the learner as unique, special and individual – not just in the sense that he or she will have individual learning abilities and needs, but rather (and also) individual values, loves, passions, preferences and focus in their unique world.

Let’s give teachers a chance and teach them how to connect with their students so that they can speak the same language to inspire our young people.

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