Exploring Parenting & Teaching Parallels

Next Monday I launch my first book “Every Teacher Matters – Inspiring Well-being through Mindfulness”   I’ve been asked repeatedly if it’s useful for parents.  Yes is the answer!  As a mum of 3 boys, I have been using the techniques ever since they were little – to help me and to help them cope with the changes and challenges of life inside and outside school.

Mums (and dads) are the number 1 influencer on a child – after that I would say teachers are a close second.  Teachers spend over 10,000 hours with your children during their school life. What type of person do you want to be when you are with your children?  What type of person do you want spending time with your children – peers and mentors….  Who would you rather your children were being guided by – someone calm, compassionate and patient or someone stressed, irritable or worse still intolerant and miserable?

How easy do you find your family dynamics?  How well do you manage the two, maybe three children under your roof? Plus of course your partner.  So that’s about 4 or 5 hearts and minds to support.  Now imagine 30!  30 sets of needs.  30 sets of questions.  30 cries for help.  30 sets of frustrations when they can’t do it or don’t understand.  30 sets of hurt feelings.  30 sets of bruises and bumps.  30 sets of  aching hearts. 30 sets of complaints, moans and groan when we have to tidy up.  Starting to get the picture?!  Of course if  you’re a secondary school, teacher like me, it could be up to 210 children in one day!

Parenting is a daily challenge.  It is a joy and can be a worry.  It is a privilege and can be a right pain – especially when you’ve been teaching/working all day!  Teaching is the same.  Every day is unique.  Every day there are new challenges and new highs and lows to manage – both yours and your students.

Teachers need to be socially & emotionally competent – they rarely receive the training they need to ensure they are in the right state for teaching -unless they’ve trained with me!

If you know a teacher – give them a gift they’ll remember long after the chocolates are consumed.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon today!  Order your copy here.

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