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We are living in a fast-food era, and I don’t know about you, but I find that I’m constantly feeling pushed for time. And this, obviously, can generate an enormous amount of stress. Gotta get the kids to school, gotta meet the deadlines, gotta make sure that everything’s complete by the end of the day. And we don’t give ourselves time to stop and breathe. And me, as a working mum, wants to be fully present with her children, wants to be fully present with her clients, wants to be fully present with her partner, wants to be fully present and give attention and time to the things that I love and the things that are important to me. What’s interesting is when we feel fully pressured around the issue of time, that’s when stress creeps in.

And what’s interesting, as I step into the 21st century and start working more with connecting with teachers, and head teachers, clients, with social media, is that I’ve been encouraged to write a blog. Well, guess what? I’m struggling to find the time to write the blog! So, from now on, what I’m looking at is creating a little 5-minute video blog every day. Yes, it’s a big commitment, but I’m going to experiment with it, because there’s so many things that have happened in the educational world.

Everything seems to be going on all the time around education. There’s obviously the terrible, sad loss of Helen Mann, another head teacher committing suicide just last week, and so many issues we’ve had: the London Festival of Education at the Institute of Education last weekend, which was incredible; there was an amazing teach-meet that was developed for the Teacher Development Trust, they created that, that was, I don’t know, several months ago; I haven’t had time–or created time, I’ll take full responsibility for it–to actually write about it, share the amazing things and the amazing people that I connected with and learnt from. So, what I decided to do was address the issue, not keep fretting about time and that, “Oh, I just don’t seem to have enough.”

I’m a mindful teacher. I talk about giving ourselves time. But sometimes we just need to be realistic about what we can achieve, and stop beating ourselves up about the things that we are not able to achieve. Sometimes you may be able to look at structures and how we can change, or at least shift, our focus on priorities and even change the structure. So here’s my structure change, and I’m going to experiment with it, and the beauty of being mindful is that I’m not going to judge whether it works or it doesn’t work, I’m just going to explore it, give myself the opportunity to play. So, what I’d love to do is give you a little “top tip” maybe, every day, or a “golden nugget,” if you like, of what I’ve discovered in everyday life. Through working with my clients, through interacting with other teachers, just through being a human being. My mindful practice and living a truly healthy and vibrant life.

So here’s a nugget for today: I had a wonderful afternoon with my family. There were lots of different celebrations, and it’s my mum’s birthday a few days ago, so she came over from the Isle of Wight. My step-brother and wife are soon to have a baby, so we wanted to see them before little bump, little pumpkin becomes a new member of the family. My step-brother’s daughter turned 18. I mean, there’s so many fantastic celebrations. And we all came together. And the reason I mention this, is that I value being with my family. This is my top value, really. My loved ones come first. And the beauty of meeting–and we had a bit of a drive–was that it has recharged me. It’s filled up what I call my “love tank.” And this is one thing I really invite all teachers to do.

I know you think, “I must do the prep, I must finish that marking; I must, I must, I must; I should, I should, I should,” and I understand those pressures. I’ve been a teacher for a long time. But what I have been reminded of today is that if you give yourself a little space–I had an afternoon off, of real quality time–your love tank gets filled up. My love tank’s filled up. And here I am, it’s nearly ten o’clock at night, I’m feeling revitalized and energized and fantastic. And I feel ready for my week. And I have a lot to do this week. So top tip for today is give yourself that opportunity for quality time and fill up your energy tank and your love tank. Have a great day.


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