What do you LOVE about teaching?

What a perfect day to begin my blogging for 2013.  A day focussed entirely on love!  What if we focused on love in our education system?  What if our schools became places where love was at the heart of learning, where the love of learning was nurtured by honouring the values of the students and .. read more

The Teacher Support Network (TSN) – Video Blog

Jason Harrison, Head of Marketing, TSN shares information about how teachers can get support 24/7. Go to www.teachersupport.info Tweet @teachersupport England 08000 562 561 Wales 08000 855 088  Watch the video or read the transcipt… Kathryn: Hi, welcome, this is another golden nugget opportunity for me and for you. I have the lovely Jason Harrison .. read more

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Teachers step into the Digital Age – Steve Wheeler’s 7 Reasons teachers should Blog!

I  consider myself a novice blogger.  In fact a blogger with stabilizers and an L plate!  I am not naturally a technical whizz, however I am learning (with the help of my kids) that I can embrace new ways to connect and communicate.  I am beginning to appreciate the true value of blogging – for .. read more

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19th Century approach in 21st century schools – Digital age with dull curriculum

  We are in the most exciting educational times.  The digital ages increases our ability to gain knowledge and to connect worldwide.  So much is within our reach!  There has never been such an exciting time to learn and discover.  Judith Burns from BBC News examines the possible curriculum drafted for our children’s future… http://bbc.in/S4x5El .. read more

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Obama Makes History Again

Today Barrack Obama made history for a second time.  I celebrate this historical occasion with a selection of quotes taken from his passionate acceptance speech and include additional commentary with an educational slant.  It has no intentional political comment, it simply applauds issues that I believe are important in the world of education and relationships .. read more

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Heirarchy of Values impact Learning

This is an exert from Dr John Demartini author of The Breakthrough Experience.  His knowledge and wisdom is inspirational.  He describes how VALUES  impact demeanour, mindset and behaviour.  John states “if you believe that your values are more important than the other person’s, you will become self-righteous and will begin to think that you have .. read more

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Yoga Bliss!

I have returned home from the most exquisite yoga class.  I was listening to Jon Kabat Zinn’s book Full Catastrophe Living last week where he eloquently reminded me of the benefits of Hatha Yoga.  I was very fortunate to learn Hatha Yoga at a young age.  My grandparents taught me and practised with me whenever .. read more

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Exploring Parenting & Teaching Parallels

Next Monday I launch my first book “Every Teacher Matters – Inspiring Well-being through Mindfulness”   I’ve been asked repeatedly if it’s useful for parents.  Yes is the answer!  As a mum of 3 boys, I have been using the techniques ever since they were little – to help me and to help them cope with .. read more

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